I feel as though initially, I was shy and I would often feel afraid to participate with the fear of being “wrong” or people not agreeing with what I have to comment. As the semester progressed and I began to get more comfortable with the people in our class, I began to push myself to speak up and participate more. I really enjoyed working with others and my most favorite moments in class involved when we were in groups. On October 3rd I volunteered to present what our group found to be argument and evidence of the reading we were assigned to analyze to our class. On our mandatory library research session, our groups goal was to find information on food service workers and their roles in a restaurant. Out of all of the different sources our group found, we all felt that the source I found fit our search the best so I was asked to present what steps I went through to get to our source. I felt as though working together helped all of us and allowed us to work more efficiently. I feel as though I improved greatly in terms of participation in this course. If I were to give myself a grade for my participation I would say I earned a B.


Final Essay

After reading through my past blog posts as well as my past essays that I have written, I have found a few topics that I am interested in taking further and researching more about. I think that I would be interested learning more about what we discussed in a group discussion from a blog post. We discussed the evolution of cooking shows and how they are not really used to learn how to cook anymore. They are used for a form of entertainment. I feel like I would be able to research more about the historical aspect of cooking shows and how popular cooking shows from the past contrasts with modern cooking shows airing on television today. The other topic that I found most interesting was from a previous blog post regarding Divided we Eat by Lisa Miller discussing the division of foods available to people based on class systems and what is available to them.

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Food Person Biography

Andrew Zimmern was born and raised in New York City. He began his training in the culinary industry at 14 years old. Zimmern  then contributed to many well known upscale restaurants in New York City either as executive chef or manager.

Today, Andrew Zimmern is mostly known for his contribution to television shows. He is also a chef, food writer, and teacher.  “He is the co-creator, host, and consulting producer of the Travel Channel series Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Foods America and Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World.”

Library Group Assignment

Our group was given the database “Academic Search Premier”. We had to decide on a topic and of our group members brought up their topic of “The positions within restaurants and their duties”

How we found our source:

1)Went to SJSU King Library home page.

2)On the right hand column lies a section called “quick links”. From there, we press on the link called “Article and Databases.

3)From there we browsed by title of databases to click the letter “A” to easily find the database “Academic Search Premier”

4)At the top of the search bar, we typed in servers AND waiters to narrow down our search.

5) We scrolled to the second page and found the article “More than food and drink: Careers in restaurants. “

It wasn’t hard to come up with a topic because our group easily collaborated and spoke sufficiently. As we reached the database, we realized that we were finding a lot of sources with good information but not what we were exactly looking for. When we narrowed down our search to “servers” AND “waiters”, we found it a lot easier to find what we were looking for within restaurants. It wasn’t long until we found the right article in the second page.

If one doesn’t narrow down their search, they could be scrolling for hours trying to find the “right” one. Using synonyms and key words to your topic will allow easier searching for the user.


Living, Drew. “More than food and drink: Careers in restaurants.” Occupational Outlook Quarterly 53.1 (2009): 22-33. Print.

Group members:

Library Research Session

Going into the library, I am hoping that I would be able to find relevant sources to help me with my essay. I am hoping to find sources regarding the fast food industry and the history of fast food. I have only been able to find one article about the fast food culture and how it’s evolving when researching on my own at home so I look forward to see what else I could find. I am hoping that if I was to find a book, the information provided would be used more as background information or general information and I am hoping that which ever newspaper article I could find could provide more insightful information regarding my topic.

Tasting Day


The most memorable thing that I ate during our class’ tasting day would have to be the macaroons. My class mate told me that he had brought them from his work at Ciscos. This was the first time I have ever had a macaroon. I think that I like them because the texture is light and fluffy. They are easy to chew and they don’t taste too sweet. They also had chocolate on the bottom of them which was delicious. The chocolate really added something extra otherwise it would be kind of boring and not as good. I don’t normally like the taste of coconut, but I enjoyed the coconut flavor in the macaroon. Overall, the main thing that I liked most about the macaroon was the texture and the chocolate. The only downside of the macaroon would have to be that it was a little thick and it got stuck in my teeth.